Spot the vegan shopper

I shop at Lidl most weeks for all the basics. It is better value and it’s on the way home! Although they don’t stock everything I want, I get lots of fruit and veg there – they always have pomegranates, avocados, lemons and limes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, the list goes on. 

I also get lots of tinned produce there. Again, they don’t have everything but they do have butter beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, coconut milk, 25p tinned tomatoes, and tomato puree – all staples for cooking vegan. 

Other useful items they sell include:

  • Frozen fruit
  • Linda McCartney sausages 
  • Maple syrup (£2.49!)
  • So many nuts at decent prices including walnuts, cashews, pecans, almonds, and pumpkin seeds
  • Oats
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Brown rice

The prices are good and some of the stock might surprise you so have a look 🙂


Chocolate smoothie! 

Sometimes I really crave nutrients and feel like perhaps I haven’t been eating enough, or enough of the right things. A chocolate smoothie can easily solve that problem because it’s yummy and you can drink it!

You can add a whole variety of things to a chocolatey smoothie but as a base you need :

Two bananas – chopped up and frozen (if they aren’t frozen it’s not the end of the world)

One heaped desert spoon of cacao powder

Two dried dates for sweetness

Oat milk – or your preferred milk (you can top up with water if milk is running low)

Optional extras can be whatever is in your fridge. Maybe a handful of kale or spinach, some berries, half a carrot, or quarter of an avocado. The cacao will mask the flavour so go for it. 


Sunday Prep

It’s Sunday, it’s winter, and it’s raining! So it’s a no brainer to do food prep for the week ahead.

I find one of the most difficult things being vegan, is what to make for week day lunches. I don’t nuke any food in a microwave, and you can’t take your stove to work so it has to be transportable in a tub or the like.

As it’s winter I have been making a fair amount of soup. It’s so easy, it’s healthy, and you can make a batch to last you all five days of work. You could heat it up in a microwave if you wanted to (don’t do it!) but I warm mine on the stove in the morning then pour it into a thermos. It stays warm until lunch!

For today’s soup I just used butternut squash, sweet potato, red cabbage (just to use it up) leeks, celery, onion, garlic, cannellini beans and some kallo stock cubes. I have a stick blender which is great – less washing up – but you could put it in a blender or a soup maker if that’s your thing.

I also made two really quick and simple snack/breakfast type things for the week. The ginger cookies are a Livia’s kitchen recipe – definitely check out her blog for healthy deserts. And, I had some very spotty bananas so I mashed them up with some oats, maple syrup, cinnamon, and frozen berries then baked. Sorted!


Whilst the dinner cooks I thought I would start a blog. Finally. The thought kind of makes me cringe but kind of makes me feel productive.

I don’t know where this will go yet, it may just be a hobby to give me more reason to take pictures of all the food I make! But one thing I do know is, my Vegan lifestyle is one thing that I truly love and am passionate about. It’s such a huge part of my life so why not write about it. Maybe it can help other people who are on a Vegan journey. I hope it does because I want to show that you can be successfully vegan and eat really good, healthy food even if you are working full time, got kids running around the house, and you live outside of London where all the good vegan stuff is!

Watch me ; )